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Don’t forget that Jenny's birthday is coming up soon.
Here’s a few gift ideas for her.
Wireless char…
Buono Pouring…

More than just a bot.

An assistant that works for you to improve all aspects of your daily life. AI that learns from you to suggest personalized and predicted responses. Easily manage your day to day life: find new food, schedule an event, buy shoes, and get work done.

“Will Spur Coffee be open on Memorial Day?”

“Unlock the office door for Henry on Monday at 3:15”

“Remind grandma to feed her cat this afternoon”

“What are my friends currently up to?”

Your life – your way.

Suggest a meeting spot or setup a hangout with your friends all by starting a simple conversation.

We haven't seen you in a while!

Here's a drink, on us.


Get $5 off the next time you visit! Tell your barista to enter the code below when you go to pay.

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What should I get to drink
with this amazing code?

I'd say a latte. They're quite tasty.

Brands come to you.

We make speaking to a business or brand just as easy as speaking to a friend. Personalized and tailored content about the brands you love.

Privacy by design.

Share with who you trust when you want to. No data goes to Schmoogle or 3rd parties. No unsolicited messages, no spying.

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