About Us

Life.ai is an artificial intelligence company located in Denver, Colorado, Kyrgyzstan and India and we are focused on human centered design to simplify the way people live, work, play and learn. Our digital city operating system is focused on creating personalized and seamless experiences and streamlining business.

A privacy-first, hyper-localized approach reduces cost and complexity. All aspects of daily life and business operations can be addressed by the digital city operating system securely and efficiently.  
Our approach to living will enable digital cities of the future to flourish.


Dave Ladouceur

CEO & Founder

Dave has been a computer scientist, executive, entrepreneur, rocket scientist, and father of four for more than 25 years.

Austin Felker

Vice President

Do not mess with this guy, he knows karate and I heard he drives an Aston Martin.

Jenifer Felker

Marketing & Copy Writing

She surely does give a damn about an Oxford comma, so don't you dare play vampire weekend again punk.

Pavel Kostenko

Chief Platform Architect

Pavel is known for his 3 day coding sessions inside an abandoned missile silo and writing lekker code.

Willem Tharp


Willem spent his time in high school running a studio. He freelanced for clients in San Francisco, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Toronto, and New York and joined life.ai after graduating.